• New, The Dohgon Number Multiplication System

    Numbers Expand the Mind
    Dohgon Multiplication Wheel

    AfRAkans, have you noticed the many amazing things that have been happening among our youth? In England a AfRAkan family has the smartest kids in the country with three children becoming the youngest to pass the country’s college level math exam. In America Black children as young as 10 and 12 year old are being accepted into several colleges. One 16yr old girl has even gained a college degree before she has even graduated from high school. Another amazing 8 year old girl is able to speak 7 languages so far.

    Wow! Our children are waking up but it’s not a coincidence as others would have us believe. There is a reason why this is happening and there is a way that you can assist this process. All the cases involve close interaction between parent and child in the form of home schooling. When parents pay closer attention and are interactive in their children’s learning great things are bound to happen, as is evident by the examples above.

    Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and learning to navigate reality through application. Without the proper applications for specific tasks reality would be difficult and frustrating to navigate. It’s like having a computer and not knowing how to use it. Every parent would love their children to be smart but not everyone is equipped or has the knowledge to help their child. At the Dohgon University of Thought we can give you the tools and show you how to use them.

    Professor MOmOh, the man who home schooled his own son and helped him to achieve his PHD at age 25, has developed a new learning system that is designed to help your child awaken his or her hidden talents. This new system involves associating numbers, colors, and the alphabet. He knows that the Mind is different from the Brain and while the Brain works with physical matter, the Mind works with abstract energy.

    Using the Dohgon Multiplication Number Wheel System your child will learn to think faster because he/she will eliminate the associating process. Natural Numbers are closer to abstract energy than the alphabet while colors lie in between. By learning how to associate all three your child will learn how to transfer the physical energy that arrives through the senses more quickly into abstract energy so their Minds can apply their applications at a faster rate.

  • What Does AfRAka Mean?

    Are you from the continent of AfRAka or a descendant of AfRAkans? I’ll bet that if you define yourself as Black you consider your ethnicity to be African. Whether African American, African Canadian, African Latino, or even African Nigerian, it’s all the same. Do you know what the word African means? Did you give yourself that definition? One of the most valuable things that a person can possess next to a good education is a strong personal identity. One has to be very careful therefore to ensure that you are the one that defines your own identity instead of someone else defining it for you. Dohgons have defined our identity as AfRAkan and while the term may appear similar it is unlike the word African in that it has a meaning that is defined by us and not a European explorer. AfRAka means First-Sun-Soul.

    The Af means first as in, the first humans on the planet. Many so called historians would like to white-wash history but they know that once they do their foundation will be pulled out from beneath their feet. Therefore the only direction that they can take is to rely on false concepts that tell them that they are at the forefront of an evolutionary process or that a god created them to take dominion over everyone. Whichever direction they take they know that the AfRAkan is the only genetically complete human being, the first of whom was Mother Tang who emerged through a permutation process out of Pure Dark Energy Waves about one million years ago. Every other race is a mutation from the original.

    The RA means Sun and while AfRAkans are the people of the Sun we do not worship the Sun. We are simply acknowledging the Sun as a life sustaining source of energy. Although the Sun emits very dangerous radiation the Melanin that enriches our skin is a protective agent that allows us to tolerate the Suns’ harsh effects while at the same time benefitting from its unseen energies. Stars are the first physical entities to manifest in the physical Universe. When a Star is able to sustain life on the planets that it had birthed through the process of its creation it is known as a Sun. That Sun also acts as a conduit to the Pure Dark Energy Waves of the abstract unseen universe through its Carbon core.

    Ka means Soul. A Soul is any physical entity that is alive and possesses energy. Souls can be people, animals, plants, and even bodies of water. As long as the energy of the universe can flow through it in the form of a wave then it can be considered a Soul. AfRAkans are the foremost of all Souls because we have a functioning energy receptor in our brain which can be calibrated to harness the full power of Pure Energy Waves. That receptor is called the Pineal Gland and once it is functioning correctly you as a Soul will function as a Spirit.

    A Spirit is a state of a Soul that is achieved once it is connected to the intelligence of the universe. In that state you have no choice but to function with fairness, equity, and accountability. That is because Pure Dark Energy Waves carry in them all the Truths of the universe. With the loss of a Spiritual connection to the universe humans become devilish in their mentality. AfRAkans can and a lot have become mentally devilish while some races cannot help being devilish due to their physiology. The calcification of their Pineal Glands has resulted in severe unaccountable and devilish behavior that has corrupted all mankind.

    In their attempt mimic the greatness of AfRAkans that they encountered in Egypt the spiritless people created religions but those religions only led to more devilish behavior that has resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people through 2 world wars and countless more conflicts. The colonization of AfRAka resulted in the corruption of most AfRAkans. Today however, most of those false beliefs are falling apart. It is evident in the way that their people are becoming disillusioned and are turning to suicide and mass murder. It’s time to wake up. Do not be the last to go down with the sinking ship like good slaves.

    The Dohgon are on a mission to return the AfRAkan mind to a state of fairness, equity, and accountability. Professor MOmOH has the tools that are designed to get your Pineal Gland decalcified and working properly. You may be a descendant of AfRAka but once you rediscover your true origin you too will have a desire to redefine your identity. We believe that at that time you will also want to identify yourself as an AfRAkan.

  • Can A Black Person Be Racist?

    Mother and albino child

    Dohgons are so pro-Black that we may be misunderstood as being anti-white. Some people may even be asking the question “Are you people practicing reverse racism?” No! The truth is, our Blackness has very little to do with race, but rather it is about a state of mind not a race of people. It is about returning the AfRAkan mind to a condition of equity, fairness, and accountability to humanity and the natural laws of the universe. Our Blackness is about reconnecting to Pure Dark Energy which is the Spirit of the universe. Once you understand what we are about you will know why Black people cannot be racist.

    What is a race? A Race is a distinct population of people having similar anatomical features, cultural practices, ethnic and genetic blood line, and have historical, linguistic, and religious roots from the same geographical location. Although the color black has been associated with AfRAkans because of our skin it is not indicative of the race as AfRAkans are the most genetically diverse race of people on the planet. From South AfRAka to the Sahara Desert you can find various skin tones ranging from very dark to very light. Similarly, outside of AfRAka with race mixing you will find an even wider range of skin colors.

    So, what does being Black mean? Black is a state of mind created when an AfRAkan person is connected to his Spirit. As was stated before, the Spirit is the Pure Dark Energy that holds the universe together. Pure Dark Energy is just being recognized by modern science but the Dohgon knew about it thousands of years ago. It can be found in the core of Stars and in the Melatonin that it produces in the minds of people and animals. The production of Melatonin at night when all light sources are eliminated and while asleep is an indication of a Spiritual connection. It is also what defines a Black mind state.

    A Black mind state results in a condition of equity, fairness, and accountability. Once someone produces enough Melatonin it is impossible to be unjust or racist but it does not stop one from hating injustice or those who engage in racist practices. One has to be very careful however because unjust thinking can also halt the production of Melatonin. That is how one can be an African and not be connected to their Spirit. Also, we are not saying it is a bad thing but it is how the disconnection from the Spirit produced the other races 30 thousand years ago during the last great ice age.

    Today in AfRAka there are countless wars, killings and injustices that occur due to a continual disconnection from the Spirit. Women are bleaching their skin to get whiter and are straightening their hair because they dislike the effects of Melanin. That is because once disconnected from the spirit the mind begins to rely on coping mechanisms such as religion and science to define reality. We began to feel that assimilation and learning the tricks of exploitation is the right way to go in order to survive even though it goes against our true nature.

    How do can we re-connect to our Spirit? In order to re-connect to our Spirit we need to practice equity, fairness, and accountability as well as to learn the language of the Spirit which is Natural Numbers. If you are AfRAkan, Dohgon Spirituality provides a way to re-connect with your Spirit with the use of Natural Numbers. Dohgon Spirituality is not limited to race however, as we have Caucasian members who have been with us for years. As long as you are willing to accept the fact that the African is the original human out of which all the races originated and that Blackness is the true nature of the universe then all people can learn how to shed unjust and racist thinking.